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Empowering women of a progressive nation!

Sofia educational and welfare society envisions a world where there is love and respect for women – not just in books, but in actions.

The condition of women and girls in India is still so wretched. Go through our national dailies then you will realize that everyday seems to bring news of sexual harassment against women and girls. Some of the cases are so brutal that we rack our brain to find if there’s some humanity left in people. The most disturbing thing about these cases is the rehabilitation of the victims which are women or girls. Sexual harassment victims have to bear the wrath of the society and social boycott. Instead of giving them support, care and love that they deserve, victims are actually shamed for the deed done by some nasty elements of the society. This is what they really deserve?

Absolutely no!

NGO Sofia has taken the initiative to facilitate rehabilitation of sexual harassment victims and give them support and care that they need and deserve. A team of sensitive people, NGO Sofia strives to strengthen the position of women by making them educated and financially independent. We do this through our comprehensive training programmes and activities that help women become independent and fight for their right to justice and equality. Our only aim is to help women live with dignity and security which is their birth right.

Our fight is also with racial discrimination and injustice towards women. As humans, we must understand that a nation can never progress if its women are illiterate and socially backward. NGO Sofia practices hard to eliminate this discrimination and bring women at the forefront in order to create an empowered nation.

Together, we pledge to create a better world for our women!

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Child Education

Education determines future of the children and the country they are living in!

Education is the only roadmap that helps children realise their full potential in life while transforming them into a sensible citizen. Sofia Educational and Welfare Society takes this responsibility to educate every child who due to lack of resources or other reasons are not able to pursue their dreams. They are committed to educate underprivileged boys and girls, school dropouts and children who are forced into some kind of labour. To make this possible, they have facilities for educating at least 50 children at their centre. Besides, they roll out campaigns to create awareness around the importance of quality education in today’s world. NGO Sofia is dedicated to make sure that children of India are able to enjoy their right of education.





Do you think implementing Sexual Harassment Policy in offices will help in Solving The Problem?



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