A benevolent institution, NGO Sofia or Sofia Educational and Welfare Society intends to be the strength and voice of abused, underprivileged and deprived women and girls. Our endeavour is to enrich the lives of women who are the backbone of our society.

It is an accepted fact that more men than women get opportunities of education and employment which leads to their self-reliance and economic advancement. Women, on the other hand, get framed in so-called social responsibilities which confine them to their houses. These unequal gender norms create barriers to their empowerment and their right to education and economic independence.

Sofia Educational and Welfare Society intends to eliminate this age-old tradition of injustice and discrimination based on gender and race. In order to make this happen, we create opportunities for women through training and employment programs such as computer training, tailoring, beauty and other areas. We believe that women empowerment is possible only when they are self-reliant and confident.

Besides creating employment opportunities, we also work towards helping victims of sexual harassment and social injustice which keep them deprived of their basic right such as the right of living with dignity. We ensure their rehabilitation by providing them counselling and emotional support as well as free legal help to ultimately make them self-dependent.

We are authorised with registration No: S/49790/2004  from DGE&T, Ministry of Labour Govt. of INDIA as registered VTP and provide skills and training through MES.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help and empower women, eliminate racial and gender discrimination and injustice towards women by deploying methodologies which aid in strengthening their position by making them financially independent and emotionally strong. We aim to do so by providing education, livelihood programs, healthcare facilities and free legal help for women.

Our Vision

We envision a world where women can live with dignity and honour without having to face discrimination or social injustice. All our efforts are inclined towards bringing sustainable changes in the lives of young girls and women by educating and empowering them. We desire to bring a revolution through social justice, honesty, equality and social sensitivity.