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AIDS Education

AIDS Education

AIDS Education Foremost Need of Every Indian to Know About It!

How much of us have complete knowledge about AIDS? Might be very few, if we are not well aware of this life-threatening disease then how we can expect from poor community of India which is either less educated or completely uneducated. It is very important to know in and out about AIDS which is an acronym for Acquired Immune Disease Syndrome. To spread awareness about this disease Sofia NGO is playing an important role. Sofia Educational Welfare Society working in this concern since the NGO came into being. 

Education about HIV and AIDS should spread all over: 

HIV and AIDS education is an important education about which every mind should know. It is one of the most HIV infections of the world which leads to increase the death rates. It has become one of the most prolific reasons of death amongst the people all over the world. It is very important to spread awareness about AIDS so that its ill-effects could be decreased. Young people have more chances to sexually transmitted HIV and to the HIV infection as a result of drug-use. After acquiring in-and-out details, young people can reduce the behavior that carry HIV infection. Through the right AIDS education, there would be assurance to get prepared for the situations that put into risks. 

AIDS education is vitally important in removing the stigma which leads to spread the false information which leads to fear or blame. It is essential for prevention, as stigma usually prevents people to be tested for HIV and people those who are unaware of the HIV infection which is likely to pass on others via virus. 

SEWS Mission for removing AIDS working well

Amongst many motives, SEWS works majorly in this section as well. Here entire team tie up together to let people get aware about this harmful disease and its ill-effects. It is always concluded that no person should suffer from it because it can ruin the future of entire family.