Awareness Programs

At NGO Sofia, we believe that crime or social injustice will cease only if people of India will be educated and aware. This is why we have rolled out several awareness programmes to make people aware of the need for good education, quality healthcare and other social elements. Our teams of social workers visit rural areas to successfully run several programmes to emphasize on crucial issues such as female foeticides, child marriage, rape, law and justice, healthcare and so on.  

By awareness, we mean being aware of the problems that people have to face in their day to day life. Also, it means being conscious of the hardships of the daily life. Interaction and education are the tools which help in increasing awareness among people.

NGO Sofia emphasises on four main categories of awareness programs:

Social awareness programs

It’s about making people conscious of problems in the society which make life difficult. For women, it could be evil customs such as child marriage, female foeticide, domestic violence, gender based crime, and so on. When people are socially aware, it has moral implications. They become empathetic towards others irrespective of their gender, race, class, ability of disability. Through our social awareness programs, we make people understand the importance of educating girls and help them become financially independent.  

Legal awareness programs

Education is extremely important when it comes to making people legally aware. In remote areas, people are poorly education and know nothing about Laws of India. NGO Sofia makes people aware of the Law, their rights and duties as the citizens of India, and also helps them fight injustice. Various laws which are paid attention to include labour laws, women and child welfare, domestic violence, marriage laws, etc.

Healthcare awareness programs

Every citizen of India has the right to live healthy and get access to better healthcare facilities. We organize camps in rural regions to help people understand the importance maintaining hygiene and staying healthy. At our healthcare camps, we provide medical facilities to poor people and educate them about diseases and how to stay healthy.