Child Education

NGO Sofia is working with an objective to eliminate child labour and help them unlock their potentials by sending them to schools. In order to make this happen, NGO Sofia runs many programs aiming towards helping deprived children get access to schools. We work towards making parents aware of the benefits of education, convincing them to send their kids to schools for a brighter future.  

We understand that a nation can follow the path of progression only if its children are getting proper education. Also, education is the path to empowerment, a better life, and financial freedom. Education makes people aware of a wide range of things – including social behaviour, healthcare, hygiene, understanding one’s rights as well as duties. Gradually, helps children evolve into a better and responsible citizen.  

At NGO Sofia, we believe that education is the most powerful thing to bring social transformation. Therefore, it is crucial to send every child to school. However, a child receives proper education only if the family is educated, especially mother. That being said, a family of uneducated also sends children to schools if they are aware of the benefits of education.  

NGO Sofia counsels parents to send their children to schools, especially girls and make necessary arrangements for their education. They have their learning centres where volunteers teach for the empowerment of next generation.