Family Planning

Family planning is a broad term that includes everything from investments to reproductive health needs of men and women, access to good health, timely care and supportive policies. At NGO Sofia, we believe it is a fundamental human right to have access to sexual, reproductive, child and maternal health. In fact, it is also one of the most critical developmental issues. Our family planning and awareness programs embrace all these factors and also focus on gender equality and reducing poverty.  

NGO Sofia supports women’s right to get married after attaining 18 in order to ensure safe childbirth. In addition, our NGO advocates and supports reproductive health determination and bodily integrity through our programs. All our endeavours and programs intend to reduce maternal mortality and promote healthy childbirth. Through their program, they also educate married couples about healthy pregnancy, spacing between childbirth, not having too many kids, and eliminate the practices of gender discrimination.

Our NGO works to improve the maternal health and well-being of infants by increasing awareness among families about gender equality and socio economic status of women. Additionally, we also strive to increase the quality of health services for women; improve their status, participation and influence in society.