Gender Biasing

Gender Discrimination

Human rights set standards for each individual of the community irrespective of their gender. Gender equality is the basic human right like freedom and justice. While people are talking big about gender equality, many countries are still struggling to solve the gender inequality between men and women.  

A common example of gender stereotype is the belief that women’s job (because of her sex) is to stay back at home, take care of kids and do all household chores. Another example is the belief that women are not sensible enough to make family decisions like men.

Gender inequality also exists at workplace – a woman is denied a job because of her sex, or she is being paid less than a man. It is stated in the law not to discriminate between men and women, but it still it happens all the time.

NGO Sofia aims to eliminate gender discrimination

Pragmatic people behind NGO Sofia aim to put an end to the discriminatory process. Intolerance, ignorance and stagnant societies which resist the change are the real reason behind instances of gender discrimination. Even in today’s world, women who speak against gender discrimination and for their rights are tortured, imprisoned and even put to death.

NGO Sofia believes that the scenario can change only when the social attitude will change. They do everything necessary to help women regain their status in society.