Rape Crisis

Sexual harassment is no uncommon in today’s so-called modern world. In fact, the more cruel version of it is rape that leaves the victim physically, mentally and emotionally devastated. While there has been a lot of talk around helping the victim, providing them shelter or ensure their rehabilitation, little has been done around it seriously. There is Delhi Commission for Women to help the victims of assault, but several irregularities have been alleged in its functioning.

Our capital has turned into the ‘rape capital’. Not much has changed even after the infamous ‘Nirbhaya’ case when the national capital saw massive protests by respectable citizens of the country. But, it has all gone. Delhi records the highest crime rate against women – 33% of all cases reported across the country. In most of the cases, victims knew their predators.

Studies have revealed that the willingness to report the sexual offence has increased among the victims, but these women are further harassed by police and bullied by the people they know. Even their family members abandon them and want to keep no relationship with them.

Is victimizing the victim is justice?

  1. And, this is the time when we need understand the severity of the problem and come forward against sexual violence and show offer rape victim help. NGO Sofia does the same by extending their support to women in distress and ensures their rehabilitation. We understand that victims need counselling, mental and emotional support as well as financial help in this distressed situation, and we do everything necessary in this regard.  

Help on demand

Doesn’t matter when did the rape take place – last day, last week, or several days ago – counsellors at NGO Sofia provide emotional support to all women. They provide a sensitive, non-judgemental service, which is crucial for the rehabilitation of assault victims. We patiently listen to the victims, their situation and help them report the case to the police. Aside from the support, we offer practical advice, help them undergo practical and medical examination as per the law, and make them aware of the local law.

The impact of sexual assault is considerable and long-term. The pain can even last lifetime. However, we do everything possible to help them overcome their fear, anxiety and depression. Feeling of worthlessness and panic attacks can be other serious problems. Then, there are social issues like boycotting of the victims.

NGO Sofia raises the voice against rape crisis in Delhi and takes initiatives to help victims seek justice. Apart from this, we also run several awareness campaigns to help society understand the severity of the situation. Victimizing the assault survivor is not the solution, but punishing the culprit is. When one case of rape is reported, the pain should be felt by everyone. Rape is a heinous crime and it must be eradicated from our society. With our endeavours, we wish to create a safe haven for our women.

After all, this is not the kind of culture that anyone would like their daughters to inherit.