Save Girl Child

Female infanticide and other incidents of discrimination against girl child in India have been here since ages. Even in modern Indian society, a girl child is considered a liability or burden. This evil custom prevails even in well-to-do families of India.

While boys enjoy a number of privileges, girls do not have access to even basic rights like education. Girls are often kept confided to their house and expected to do all household chores. In this scenario, they get very little opportunity to learn and grow.

Female foeticide and infanticides in modern India is a matter of great shame. 2011 census reveals that the ratio of girls and boys in very low – 918 girls for 1000 boys. If these practices continue, the ratio can fall down to 904 girls for 1000 boys by 2021. NGO Sofia believes that this is the time for the government and NGOs to come together and work extensively to save girl child.

Government approved NGO Sofia runs various campaigns and awareness programs to help families understand the consequences of these evil customs, and recognise that girls are not burden, but assets. They can flourish in life if given equal opportunities like boys.  

True women empowerment will be achieved only if there are no incidences of female foeticide and infanticide. Today’s girls will become women of tomorrow and will nurture families. NGO Sofia takes every endeavour to save girl child and eradicate female foeticide and infanticide.

In order to make this happen, they:

  • Help women become financially independent and self-confident
  • Enable them to think critically about their present and future
  • Ensure their equal participation in family decision making
  • Provide them legal support, if needed