Sexual Abuse

Say NO to sexual abuse!

Sexual violence affects millions of women in India. Cases involve not just grown up women, but small girls below the age of 4 as well. The severity of this condition can be imagined from the fact that all leading dailies feature one such incident almost every day.

There are gruesome acts of child sexual abuse and rape where victims are small girls, even below four years of age. In most of the cases, girls do not even realise that something ‘bad’ is happening to them because they are too small to sense the abuse and differentiate between ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’.

Surprisingly, in most of the cases, perpetrators are known to the girls.

Most of the sexual abuse and rape cases go unreported due to family’s reputation as the society blames only women for the incidents. Families fear that they will be neglected by the society and no one will come forward in their support. Cases are also not registered when someone from the family is the convict.  

It is also not unusual to see victims who are commonly abused by their own partners. Sexual abuse in a relationship can have long-term effect on the physical and mental health of the survivor. A sense of despair, hopelessness and helplessness appear in women as they are pressurized by their families to keep quiet.

How NGO Sofia helps:

  • Emotional support
  • Assist reporting the matter to the police
  • Provide shelter
  • Counselling to victim
  • Legal support
  • Psychiatric help