Sexual Harassment At Workplace

Sexual harassment at workplace is a matter of serious concern which triggers a lot of negative attention. In India, formalisation of sexual harassment as a penal offence happed rather recently in 1997, which was amended in 2013. As per law, it is a punishable offence with imprisonment and/or penalty.

As per Section 2(n) of the Sexual Harassment of Women (Prevention Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013, sexual harassment includes one or more of the following acts or behaviour:

  • A demand or request for a sexual favour
  • Inappropriate physical contact or advances
  • Making sexual remarks
  • Showing pornography
  • Any obscene physical, verbal, non-verbal conduct

Reported cases reveal that women are harassed by their immediate managers, boss or even colleagues. Irony is that big cities are always assumed to have been populated by ‘educated’, ‘well-do-do’ people who speak of gender equality.

Despite higher literacy rates in metro cities, harassment of women at workplace is a not uncommon deed. Unfortunately, most of the cases go unreported. Primarily, victims either quit their job or continue to bear the torture till they find an alternative to earn their livelihood.

NGO Sofia Educational and Welfare Society aims to see women live a life with freedom and dignity, free from sexual harassment. To realise their dreams, they put all efforts to increase awareness among people about sexual abuse and counsel women to report the misconduct. In their fight against sexual violence, they also provide victims the much needed emotional and financial support ensuring their rehabilitation.

Understanding the fact that the effect of sexual abuse is long-lasting, NGO Sofia provides all women victims of sexual abuse a safe and caring environment where they can gradually regain their self-confidence. NGO Sofia ultimately takes them to the way of independence and freedom which they deserve.