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Beauty Culture

Secondary education is not enough for girls and women to become financially independent. They need some sort of vocational training to be able to get a job and earn their livelihood. However, they are not able to enrol into any skill enhancement courses due to their financial condition. NGO Sofia helps such women and girls by offering them a wide range of courses free of cost. Beauty Culture is one such course offered to them.  

Low-literate women and girls can get vocational training in beauty culture to earn a stable income and finally overcome poverty. NGO Sofia’s beauty culture centre provides a comfortable and secure environment to girls for learning. During the course of training, girls can learn different beauty practices for beautiful skin and hair. Volunteers and beauty participate in training programs to help girls realize their dreams.

The only aim of NGO Sofia is to provide needy members of the society with a little support and opportunity to show their potential. Vocational training in beauty culture is a great tool that helps women become financially independent, break the cycle of poverty and feel confident. These factors are also crucial to infuse confidence and make them feel valuable.

After completion of their training, women can join a salon as an employ or work as a freelance beautician. After a certain point, they can also start their own salon and ensure good income.

NGO Sofia provides the necessary help and support to these women who dream a better socio-economic life.