Save Girl Child

Save Girl Child – Save the Society

We can never imagine the existence of the human race with only men or women. Their coexistence is essential to maintain the natural balance. While females create the roots, males shape the destiny of the civilization. The saddest part is that the evolvement of the civilization presented a darker side where women lost their identity

Child Education

Child Education – A Step Towards Empowerment Of The Nation

What would you think if a country like India has millions of children living on streets? Some of them bonded into labours and others living in extreme poverty without proper food to eat or clothes to wear? The popular statement – children are the future of the nation – doesn’t make any sense then. Kids


Rape Roko – Lets Make our Country Safer for Women and Girls!

Every year, close to 40,000 rapes are reported in our country, around 92 cases every day (NCRB). Every 10 minutes some girl, somewhere in the country is being groped, harassed, molested or raped. Crime against women is widespread and common. True, Brazil is branded the most unsafe country for women, but India is not lagging much behind!


Sexual Harassment At Workplace – Let Them #knowtheline

While we are talking big about creating a safe world for women, cases of harassment at workplace are still being reported. It all begins with the discrimination, which often ends with the ugly cases of sexual harassment. Indian Constitution considers both men and women equal. They have the right to choose their profession and area


National girl child day

In India, people still follow age old traditions and customs which often describe girls as the weakest member of the society. They are not given equal opportunities and privileges like male members of a family. Girls are often kept confided, deprived of their rights to education and healthcare. They are believed to carry a badge