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Child protection committee

Ngo Sofia, which are mostly made up of children, aim to identify the protection needs of children in shelters and to provide solutions to improve their living conditions. This new approach places the child at the center of the decisions.

Responding to the children’s needs through their own experience

The main objective of the committees is “to help children who suffer”, in one of the children’s own words. Based on their own experiences with shelters, members of the CPC are better able to sense the underlying fears of newly arrived children. They all agree that separation from the family is a painful experience for most children who arrive in this new environment.
The necessity of supportiveness is therefore an essential stage in the response to the emotional and psychological state of newly arrived children and to assist each troubled child, whatever their specific needs may be. The Ngo Sofia provide the children
with support and create an environment in which they feel good and safe.
Putting the child at the center of the approach

Each committee is made up of around 20 children who also live in shelters. They are elected by the staff of the institutions as well as by the children who live there – and they determine the committee procedures and participate in the decision-making process. The CPC’s role is then to decide how they can intervene in the shelters in order to assist the children.

Our Committees are created and facilitated to improve the child protection structure within the institution led by the children themselves.