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Family planning welfare

Family planning welfare

family planing in india is the most accute problem of India.It has common complex problems such as poverty, unem¬ployment,etc .The entire battle against poverty is the counter by the rapid increase in the population., The country’s entire poverty is a major cause of our over-population.

The growing population plays a major challenge.

One of the aims of the First Five Year Plan was reducing the birth rate .The Second Five Year Plan affirm that a higher rate of population growth was constrained . Free supply of preventative was arranged for checking the growth of the population. During the three Annual Plans the family welfare programme was made time-constraint .The Fourth Plan gave family welfare the highest priority .The Fifth Plan outlay the importance that our Government made to this programme.

Later, woman empowerment became the essence of procreation, and was identified with Earth, which supported lives with all her resources. That idea encouraged throughout adult males feelings regarding value in addition to regard that has been returned of their praise regarding women of all ages. Despite this position that will the girl relished, and therefore are nevertheless enjoying such as being worshiped seeing that goddesses. During the duration of societal improvement, the career involving women of all ages likewise modified. Some women have become victims of violence in India. Violence against women is increasing now a day’s. When society was formed, patriarchy was established. Patriarchy, as an ideological assumption, works on the same principle.

work has been done in family welfare in India during the past years, the reality is that only a brink of the population has been touched. After reviewing the situation, the Government of India has decided to launched measures which help the country for reducing the birth rate.

At the age of 21, boys get married and at the age of 18 , girls get married, so they do not have an idea about family planning and due to this our population is increasing, so the lok sabha ans state legislative must assist the people especially in backward area so that they area so that they must have aware of family planning programme.