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Sofia NGO has been working in the field of Health for venerable population in Delhi and providing free OPD Especially for women, girls and children and providing free gynecologist doctor and medicine with support the Delhi Heath services Govt. of Delhi. Every second and fourth Friday, 3:00 pm to 5:00 PM. We organize free health camp bimonthly with support of mission convergence Govt. of NCT, Delhi and provide free medicine and theme check up is done like sugar, hemoglobin, eye check up etc.. SOFIA is always organize AIDS awareness camp among the deprived section of the society and make them aware about the dangerous disease and organizes several camps in govt. or private school to educate about the AIDS and HIV.

We organize bimonthly health camp in which three specialist doctors come like general physician, gynecologist, pediatrician supported by mission convergence Govt. of NCT Delhi. These health camps aim at promoting health seeking behavior in the long term and thus, unlike a general curative health camp, these camps also majorly work on building awareness regarding common ailments, family planning methods, nutrition and hygiene and sanitation. These camps provide comprehensive health services free of any cost. A general camp team comprises of general physician, pharmacist and assistant. A specialized health camp has a team of specialized doctors like dentists, ophthalmologists, gynecologist, orthopedic besides general physician, pharmacist and assistant. The health camps ensuring diagnosis, treatment and referrals for general ailments, dental care, gynecological conditions and ophthalmic diseases are carried out. These camps also focus on preventive health care program through Information, Education and Communication and Behavior Change Communication activities among the community.
A majority of rural women in India employ clothes and rags for feminine hygiene. These materials might predispose women to reproductive tract infections since it may be difficult for them to keep their used napkins clean and free of harmful bacteria. Washing reusable feminine products with soap and drying them in sunlight may be difficult due to lack of water, private facilities, and cultural taboos associated with menstruation. Only 12 percent of Indian women can afford this option. The average woman also is estimated to throw away 125-150 kg of tampons, pads and applicators in her lifetime. This amounts to 433 million such products per month to be discarded in India, experts estimate. However, most of these products end up in landfills or sewage systems because waste pickers are reluctant to separate. SOFIA NGO provides sanitary napkins to women and girls with half rate from the market in association with SHE.

AIDS Education
AIDS Education Foremost Need of Every Indian to Know About It!
How much of us have complete knowledge about AIDS? Might be very few, if we are not well aware of this life-threatening disease then how we can expect from poor community of India which is either less educated or completely uneducated. It is very important to know in and out about AIDS which is an acronym for Acquired Immune Disease Syndrome. To spread awareness about this disease Sofia NGO is playing an important role. Sofia Educational Welfare Society working in this concern since the NGO came into being and organized several camps and awareness session with support of Delhi Aids control society. We have organized several camps in government school and private school for giving awareness about AIDS and HIV.
Education about HIV and AIDS should spread all over:
HIV and AIDS education is an important education about which every mind should know. It is one of the most HIV infections of the world which leads to increase the death rates. It has become one of the most prolific reasons of death amongst the people all over the world. It is very important to spread awareness about AIDS so that its ill-effects could be decreased. Young people have more chances to sexually transmitted HIV and to the HIV infection as a result of drug-use. After acquiring in-and-out details, young people can reduce the behavior that carry HIV infection. Through the right AIDS education, there would be assurance to get prepared for the situations that put into risks.
AIDS education is vitally important in removing the stigma which leads to spread the false information which leads to fear or blame. It is essential for prevention, as stigma usually prevents people to be tested for HIV and people those who are unaware of the HIV infection which is likely to pass on others via virus.
SEWS Mission for removing AIDS working well:
Amongst many motives, SEWS works majorly in this section as well. Here entire team tie up together to let people get aware about this harmful disease and its ill-effects. It is always concluded that no person should suffer from it because it can ruin the future of entire family.

Family planning Centre
family planing in india is the most accute problem of India.It has common complex problems such as poverty, unemployment,etc .The entire battle against poverty is the counter by the rapid increase in the population., The country’s entire poverty is a major cause of our over-population.
The growing population plays a major challenge.
One of the aims of the First Five Year Plan was reducing the birth rate .The Second Five Year Plan affirm that a higher rate of population growth was constrained. Free supply of preventative was arranged for checking the growth of the population. During the three Annual Plans the family welfare programme was made time-constraint .The Fourth Plan gave family welfare the highest priority .The Fifth Plan outlay the importance that our Government made to this programme.
Later, woman empowerment became the essence of procreation, and was identified with Earth, which supported lives with all her resources. That idea encouraged throughout adult males feelings regarding value in addition to regard that has been returned of their praise regarding women of all ages. Despite this position that will the girl relished, and therefore are nevertheless enjoying such as being worshiped seeing that goddesses. During the duration of societal improvement, the career involving women of all ages likewise modified. Some women have become victims of violence in India. Violence against women is increasing now a day’s. When society was formed, patriarchy was established. Patriarchy, as an ideological assumption, works on the same principle.
work has been done in family welfare in India during the past years, the reality is that only a brink of the population has been touched. After reviewing the situation, the Government of India has decided to launched measures which help the country for reducing the birth rate.
At the age of 21, boys get married and at the age of 18, girls get married, so they do not have an idea about family planning and due to this our population is increasing, so the Lok Sabha answer state legislative must assist the people especially in backward area so that they area so that they must have aware of family planning programme.

Our Awareness group of trained volunteers deliver cancer awareness talks at a wide variety of locations, ranging from schools and colleges, offices and factories, women’s’ groups, urban slums, villages, and with other socially committed organizations so that our message of Cancer Awareness gets a sustained follow-up. Speakers carry instructive video films, as well as information literature, which is given free of cost. This service is available completely free of cost, though a pick-up for speakers is much appreciated. The Schools programme carries cancer education to a receptive audience. We have organized several camps for cancer screening among the weaker section of the society and provide free health check up camp for the vulnerable population in north east Delhi, in association with Indian cancer society.