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minorities schemes committee

National Monitoring Committee for Minorities (NMCM) has recently (February 2014) been Set up under the chairmanship of Union Minister of Minority Affairs to evaluate several programmes and schemes run by the Ministry.It primary objective is to assess achievements and modify the process of planning and execution over a period of time.
1 List of Schemes run by Ministry of Minority Affairs
2 Multi-sectoral Development Programme (MsDP)

Launched in 2008-09

To bridge the development deficits faced by minorities through creation of socio-economic infrastructure to give them basic amenities for their overall empowerment.
710 Minority Concentration Blocks (MCBs) and 66 Minority Concentration Towns (MCTs) have been identified for implementation of MsDP during 12th Plan.

Scholarship Schemes

Various scholarship schemes are in operation for children of notified minority communities with intent to improve their education, skill and employability.
1 It provides interest subsidy to minority students to avail loans from various banks for overseas studies.
2 The National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (NMDFC)

To enhance employability by skill development of minorities
It successfully placed at least 75% of trained minority youths into jobs since inception last year.

Women Empowerment
A Leadership Development Programme for Minority Women
Trained about 37000 women across 12 States in its inaugural year (2012-13)
A scheme devoted to Parsi community started during for arresting their persistent population decline.
The government has recently (February 2014) constituted Equal Opportunity Commission as per the recommendation of Justice Sachar Committee.
It will be (once the bill is cleared in Parliament) a statutory body to check discrimination of minority communities in jobs and education and instances like denial of buying rights or accommodation in housing societies.