National girl child day

In India, people still follow age old traditions and customs which often describe girls as the weakest member of the society. They are not given equal opportunities and privileges like male members of a family. Girls are often kept confided, deprived of their rights to education and healthcare. They are believed to carry a badge of “honour” which they have to save from the “predators” of the society. However, those who act as the destroyer of that badge are often not blamed at all.

India society, whether rural or metropolis, still put restrictions on girls rather than teaching their boys to honour and respect them. This coupled with increased crime against girls like sexual assault give rise to many evil customs such as gender discrimination, female foeticide and female infanticide. Killing of girls in mother’s womb or soon after their birth are often heard about in India. This has led to a tremendous fall in the girls to boys ratio in the country.

In order to make people aware about the discrimination faced by girls, the Government of India announced to celebrate 24th January as National Girl Child Day. It was first announced in the year 2009 to support girls of the country and enable them to realize their potentials. Through National Girl Child Day celebration, the government wants to increase awareness among people about the condition of girls in modern society, inequality they face, and other problems they go through. Gender inequality is a major problem in India which includes inequalities in many areas such as honour, legal rights, healthcare, education, livelihood, marriage and many more. This day is an appeal to the citizens of India to save girl child and provide them with the opportunities they deserve.

This day was started by the government as a national girl’s development mission. Through this mission, government aims to raise awareness among people about the rights, honour and importance of girls, how the society will be incomplete without them and how important their contribution is in decision making processes. It’s all about realising the potential of girls and how they can actively support their parents, family and society if they are treated equally.

One of the purposes of this day is to shift society’s attention towards the falling female to male ratio and take a stand against the issue. Through various advertisements and awareness programs surrounding the day, government wants to focus pain areas such as domestic violence, dowry and malnutrition which further deteriorate the condition of women. They hardly find any support when they decide to take a stand and speak up against the culprits.

A day dedicated to the country’s girls is an initiative to support these girls and enable them to take a stand for themselves, speak their mind and say no to crime against them. NGO Sofia support Indian government in the initiative to remove exploitation and social discrimination against women.

Intentions with the NATIONAL GIRL CHILD DAY:

  • To remove inequalities
  • To create a better society for girls
  • To ensure they get rights of education, nutrition and healthcare
  • To help girls get their rights
  • To encourage couples to treat their sons and daughters equally
  • To address important issues related to girls like health, education, etc.

NGO Sofia appeals to everyone to save girl child and give them opportunities to realise their dreams.

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