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Non Formal Education

NGO Sofia Works for non formal education to educate drop outs children and motivating them to go back to schools. We understand the need of right of education and work for it to help drop out children. We help drop outs children to catch up their studies back which they missed out for few reasons and getting them admissions again in school.

NGO Sofia apart from motivating children also convinces their parents who are illiterate and however unaware of value of education. They are mainly day labor, farmers, rickshaw pullers etc. They believe daughters can work for home only and sons are for earn extra income to earn survival cost for their family and therefore do not understand the value of their education.

Why children being drop out from schools?

·         Girls drop out to help their families at home.

·         Boys drop out to work for extra income to earn survival cost for family.

·         Lack of separate girls toilets in schools is also a big reason to stop girls for attending schools

·       Both girls and boys are also drop outs to help their younger siblings because parents go for                     work daily to earn daily bread and butter for family.

·      Some children’s also drop out because they feel they cannot complete their syllabus and they                don’t have much help at home to teach them

Seeking for drop out children’s and motivates them to go back to school.

Our associated team desperately works for finding drop out children’s and motivates them and their parents to send them back to school again for their studies. We have well trained and experienced teacher who helps them to motivate. They know the better ways to educate them and motivate them through various activities and programs.

Providing Help through various fun activities

As a part of their studies we frequently help them through various activities like drawing learning, music classes and many more. Through these activities they learn lots of skills and gain interest in studies. Our teachers help them through extra classes and motivation they needed.