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Right to Education

Right to Education (A fundamental Right)


India has the largest child population in the world and approx 50% of children between ages 6 to 18 do not go to school and drop outs increase distressing in class 3rd to class 5th. The government initiative towards “Right to Education” is highly recommendable for all the states of India. Now every child must enjoy the Right to education as their fundamental right. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is being implemented with state government to cover the entire country and make children’s education universal up to the age of 14.

With this government initiative and easy access to primary education helps increase the enrollment rate in school but the quality of education is still so poor mainly in rural area due to lack of qualified teachers, lack of infrastructure, lack of separate toilets for girls in school and lack of basic educational tool in schools.  More than 50% of children basically in rural area are deprived from right to education and engaged in different works like farming, mining, and working as domestic servant.

NGO Sofia significantly works in the area of Right to Education to increase the enrollment rate in school. We continuously visit the rural areas and compel children and their parents to send the child to school for education. Our teams frequently visit schools mainly in rural areas to help school management to attract more students and though increase in the enrollment rate.

The Right to Education bill 2008 indicates that it’s a duty of every state government to provide free and compulsory education to all the children below age 14 year. All the school must provide free books, free transportation and free uniform. This bill also gives emphasis on abolition of physical punishment, ban on private tuitions and makes student’s free form any fear.