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Social welfare services

Social Welfare Services

Social service growth is a slow process. Its limitations relate to the financial resources and resources which can be unoccupied for social services, lack of trained personnel and of organisations devoted to social welfare. These factors immediate the objects of social welfare services to groups which are in a sensitive position. The aims of social welfare are ample in scope. Social Welfare is concerned with the comfort of the entire community, not only of the population which may be barrier in one way or another. Problems which have already come is necessary to take steps to prevent the circumstance of new problems.

In the field of social welfare, personnel provided by the Government or by public authorities generally represent only a foundation for drawing into the service of the community.Past agencies depend on donation taken by private persons. In the larger interest of the community these agencies have to be boost and benefitted in extending the scope of their activities. The Central and State Governments and local authorities should additive private efforts in this direction. The anxiety of maintaining social services has to fall in the main on local authorities. special agencies are needed to provide the necessary desire for the organisation of social welfare services and to bring coordination between the efforts of public authorities and organisations.

A complete social welfare programme would include, social legislation, welfare of women and children, family welfare, youth welfare, physical and mental fitness, crime and correctional administration and welfare of the physically and mentally handicapped. It include special circumstances and background of India, a programme for fulfilling the objective of constraint .

The development in the field of social welfare services, including constraint , which have taken place during the period of the first five year plan and those forecast for the second plan are briefly described.