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If you have determination you can overcome all the hurdles. This is closely connected to SEWS or Sofia Educational Welfare Society has determination to work for the betterment of our future. As we all know that children are the future of any nation thus their education must be focused and this is what SEWS doing. Through educating children, SEWS fulfilling its mission to make every child self-independent, self-reliant, self-employed, boost self-determination, help in making strong decisions etc. Here special attention is given to child as SEWS have vision and mission to make every girl employed at the top position in their life.

Commitment and dedication brought Happiness in Life of many underprivileged children: In order to become a responsible person, the foremost important thing is to educate children because on them our entire future is dependent. Families who are quite well-off spend money on education so that their children when grow up would let their parents lead a sophisticated life. Same logic goes with the nation..


Education is the right of every Indian: First of all it is very important to know that in India’s constitution it is clearly written that education is must till the child reaches 14. Today so many government schools providing uniforms, books, food, and even numerous schemes especially for girl child. In a way, it is the upliftment in the position of girl in the society where boy reign the paramount position. Via education children find it easy to differentiate between wrong and right in society. Confidence boost up to such an extent they can raise their voice against wrong happening around them.

SEWS enhance Confidence and Open New Ventures: SEWS want that every child can lead a better life this is why vision and mission is on education. Through received donations, SEWS make a planning for educating children which includes computer education, proper classrooms, well-qualified teachers so that every child get education in the proper academic environment. Today, many people below the poverty line in India enjoying educational benefits earned from SEWS. It is hopefully that such an inclination would continue to be there in future as well.