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GRC (Gender Resource centre) & Awaz Uthao

SOFIA has been running GRC (Gender Resource Centre) since 2010 where the mission convergence the previous gender resource centres, which function much nearer to the community. The GRC’S was formed to take care of all dimensions related to women empowerment in a holistic manner, and are envisaged as instrument to bring social, Economic, and legal empowerment of women particularly those belonging to the under privileged section of society. We are delivering Delhi Govt. schemes to the community directly and supporting them to achieve it. GRC is the direct counter/window of Delhi Govt. to the vulnerable community to avail the schemes from there. Mission convergence is the department of Govt. of NCT, Delhi.

Delhi Commission for women:CIC( Crises Intervention Centre)

Although, sexual violence against women within the family and outside is a global phenomenon, its ramifications are more complex and its intensity much greater in India. The most pathetic aspect of such atrocities is domestic, neighborhood and proximate sexual violence and rape. Rape and sexual assault have serious physical and mental consequences on a survivor. Besides the severe psychological trauma as a result of assault, a survivor may have suffered physical injuries, permanent damages, even vegetative state, sexually transmitted disease (STDs) or even the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. SOFIA Rape crises centre have more than 5 years experience of running a CIC and it regularly receives 100 to 200 cases annually and provides speedy, prompt and sensitive action –oriented services for the redressal in the process of justice. Provide counseling and other support services to help them reduce the trauma of the incident. Safe women shelter : A safe place where she secure and is not threatened by offenders or the relatives. Rehabilitation and follow up of the victims for her safety and well being. Help in registering FIR of sexual assault in case any problem is encountered by the victims or family in the registration of the same. Help in getting statement of the victim recorded under section 164 of Cr. P.C. and the initial support in the investigation. Help in ensuring that proper legal procedure is followed in rape cases, the accused in arrested, MLC of the victims conducted in proper manner and the protection of the victim provided, where ever necessary. Help the victim in getting monetary relief and financial support; including expenses for medical treatment form the Rape crises Cell. The advocates and coordinator to visit the victim at her residence in order to give her immediate relief and support, their rights and entitlements, counseling, explain to them the legal procedure and other kinds of support they require. Inform the victim and the family about the help they can avail of from other agencies. Help them in providing police protection to the victim and her family members where they are facing threats. Legal assistance, collection better evidence including forensic and circumstantial and also help in court depositions Treatment of victims in holistic manner and on a long –term basis through its network of services in Delhi and outside.