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women empowerment by skills

“There is no toll for the development of a nation unless the condition of women is not improved”
There is an equal ration of women and man so the participation of both of the gender is equal. It is fact that No one country can be progressive until or unless the level of education of women i.e. skilled level is not improved. SOFIA has decided to promote skill development training since last one decade and started training to the girls and women in different field but we face the problem to provide the certificate so SOFIA got so many approvals from different departments. We have an authorized study centre of NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF OPEN SCHOOLIING, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of INDIA and having AVI NO-990246 with the name of our organization. After completion of the course we provide certificates to the beneficiaries conduct exam by the help of NIOS and provide the certificate (NIOS, MHRD) which is helpful to the beneficiaries to get the employment in private or government sector. We have the authorization from DGE&T, ministry of labor Govt. of INDIA as registered VTP and VTP registration No: 107036296 and imparting skill development training through MES. We have been trying to skilled women and girls and give the placement to them and they can stand on their feet and work for their family and in last one decade thousand of women and girls have been trained and placed in different companies.
Computer Learning Centre

Computer learning is the demand of nation now and to meet the requirement of globalization we all need to learn computer.NGO Sofia provides computer training from basic to advance to various students. Our aim is to make every student learn computer. In this computerized world the value of computer is most important to survive in globalization world. Basic computer knowledge is also providing by various schools with primary education as it is the most important.
We provide free computer training to unprivileged children’s every month. We have experts’ trainer and also volunteers to make sure that each students get the best knowledge of computers. We have authorization from different department for computer training like Delhi minorities commission, Under SDIS schemes, and others. Introduction to Computers, Computer Basics, School Projects, Basic Email, Desk top Publishing, Diploma in web designing, Accounting, Tally, Digital Photo Editing for Teens, Exploring Google, Exploring the Internet, Exploring Windows, Introduction to Microsoft Excel , Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint, Introduction to Microsoft Word, Introduction to the Internet, Introduction to Social Media, coral draw, Photoshop, PageMaker, and profession designing. We trained more than 3000 beneficiaries from the weaker section of the society and mostly are placed in different companies and getting a very good salaries.

Dress Designing
Dress Designing is always in demand due to change in fashion too frequently. There so many girls in rural area’s who are seeking for work but unable to get due to lack of professional knowledge. NGO Sofia with cutting and tailoring also provide Dress Designing training to girls and encourage them to work professionally rather than work in kitchens only. With these training girls learn a lot about tailoring and dress designing. We deliberately work in the field of women empowerment for the growth of women of rural area’s also. We provide training in schools and conduct surveys and seminars in schools to invoke them for training and help them to make her career in right field. We think women are equally important for society and they should stand with men and grow with them. Sofia is having approval for certification from National Institute of open schooling Ministry of HRD, Government of INDIA. We organize a workshop or training session with community and organize an exhibition to promote the work of these girls and women.

SOFIA is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) and provides training and development Handicrafts, Oil painting, fabric painting, and organizing exhibition with help of FEVICOL company and done more than 20 exhibitions among the community and trained more than 1000 women and girls till now and provide the work the them
Fabric painting and glass painting training class for material produced of handicraft Vocational and legal guidance. Fabric painting is an age old tradition. The artists use different fabric material for the painting. We showcase the famous forms of fabric paintings like batik paintings, patachitra, thangka paintings, kalamkari and phad painting and these paintings are painted in amazing colors
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Oil Painting Training class for material produced of handicraft Vocational and legal guidance Provide By Ngo Sofia
These training program following Advantage
Oil painting of lady sitting with peacocks on canvas. This painting is painted with oil colors, used original gold foils with emboss work..
Oil painting of group of musician lady with hooka on canvas. Ladies playing musical instruments. This painting is painted with oil colors, use original gold foils with emboss work. Oil Paintings of lord ganesha on canvas .painting depicting lord ganesha sitting on a thron with mouse. Lord ganesha is a symbol of fortune & wealth. this painting Painted with oil colors & original gold with the help of squirrel tail hair brush. Oil painting of lady listing music on gramophone, on canvas. This painting is painted with oil colors, use original gold foils with emboss work. Oil painting of lady seeing in the mirror and decorating herself. Decor on canvas. This painting is painted with oil colors, use original gold foils with emboss work oil painting of lady with hooka( long smoking pipe) on canvas. This painting is painted with oil colors, used original gold foils with emboss work clothe also provide Oil Painting on Canvas, Woodcraft, Marble, Brass handicraft items depicting finest quality, talent and realistic work with commitment to quality and uniqueness by using natural colors.

Skill based training programme
These Training program include, Jute fibers are composed primarily of the plant materials cellulose, Jute is regularly used in the production of clothes, particularly sweaters and underwear. Its soft fabric structure is known to be very comfortable to the person wearing it and therefore, popularity for jute clothes has increased significantly over the last decade. The fibers are used alone or blended with other types of fiber to make twine and rope. Jute butts, the coarse ends of the plants, are used to make inexpensive cloth. Conversely, very fine threads of jute can be separated out and made into imitation silk. As jute fibers are also being used to make pulp and paper, and with increasing concern over forest destruction for the wood pulp used to make most paper, importance of jute for this purpose may increase. Jute has a long history of use in the sackings, carpets, wrapping fabrics and construction fabric manufacturing industry.

Personality development program for street children which works with abused, neglected and vulnerable young people. The program included extensive intra and interpersonal development work and spoken. Our Organization is approved to conduct free computer courses for economically class. In addition to the above organization has conducted corporate training to employees of Public Sector undertaking, Multinational Companies and Limited Companies. We have our own Placement Division to help our students to get right job offers. He said that he is very happy to see that useful training is being provided to Young Student. It may be noted that last year also this Foundation had organized a similar free training programme in cooperation with India.