Cutting & Tailoring

In order to fight all odds, survive and succeed, women must learn to be financially independent. Rural women who are illiterate or have attended schools only till primary get an opportunity to earn livelihood through cutting and tailoring. For rural women, tailoring provides an easiest way to generate an income of their own.

NGO Sofia provides vocational training in cutting and tailoring to help women start-up a business of their own and become financially independent. Through various training centres, our NGO intends to make women confident and self-sufficient. As stitching is something that will continue until the existence of the mankind, women can have a brighter future by opting for this profession. There’s one more benefit – they can continue their work from home so that they can also manage their traditional role as a homemaker. Financial independence and self-reliance contribute to women empowerment and help them reinforce their social status.

Through cutting and tailoring course, women learn the art of embroidery, designing clothes, and stitching. Depending upon their interest, they can learn basic stitching or go for the advanced course. They learn the detailed art and acquire necessary skills through practical training.

NGO Sofia organizes free cutting and tailoring programs during which volunteers and teachers train women to be self-employed. We conduct surveys in rural areas to encourage women, girls and their parents to pursue this training in order to secure a source of income.

They also receive certificate as the token of appreciation.