Mobile Helpline

Sofia Education and Welfare Society has taken several initiatives to help women in distress, domestic violence victims and deprived girls. As a part of the NGO initiative, Janab Azimul Haque (Deputy Commissioner North East Delhi) flagged off a Mobile Helpline Van on 1st July 2014 to help victims. This stratagem has received the recognition of Delhi Commission for Women (Govt. of NCT, Delhi).

The Mobile Helpline Van operates 24/7/365 and becomes available by calling Toll Free no. 181, provided by the Delhi Commission for Women. There’s one active Mobile Number 9711969692, provided by the NGO. There are strict instructions for Helpline Van staff to act immediately on complaints and provide help to distressed women and girls.

Within a year of operation, the Mobile Helpline Van received more than 1315 calls (until 31 March 2015). Most of the women and girls were successfully counselled by NGO Sofia while others were referred to Delhi Commission for Women as they required special attention. Most of the cases reported were of domestic violence.

Seeing the success chart, this Mobile Helpline Van is a great initiative to help women and girls who need immediate help and attention. The NGO also works for the rehabilitation of these women.