Community Outreach Program


As part of Community Outreach program, Sofia is running a unique initiative i.e. “Mashwara” for spreading awareness to enhance communities’ access to government schemes for Women/ Schedule Caste/ Schedule Tribe/ OBC/ Minorities, since 2016. The main idea behind this intervention is to link people from different communities such as SC, ST, OBC, and Minorities with the government schemes such as tuition fees reimbursement, stationary, scholarship, EWS, disability certification, pensions including disability pensions and to help them in preparation of documents like income certificate, bank account, Aadhaar card etc. Under this initiative, we helped and facilitated more than 23000 beneficiaries in last 5 years.

School Outreach Program “Parivartan”

With the support of BSES, we organized rallies, small events, mega events and mobilized more than thousands of school student, school principals, teachers, local area representative about Electricity Theft which is a social evil. Apart From this, we also cover other topics such as Health, Good Touch Bad Touch, Intergenerational Boding etc.

Legal Aid Clinic

With the Support of DSLSA, Sofia is running legal aid clinics for Marginalized Communities to help them access justice. As part of this initiative, we organize awareness and sensitization programs in the community to raise awareness about Rights and Govt. Schemes.

Community & Group Meetings

To ensure effective Implementation of Schemes, projects and as follow up drive, we conduct weekly, monthly , quarterly and annual meetings with our Target Groups. This helps us to understand target group perspectives about various problems and its remedial mechanism.