Woman NGO in Delhi

Delhi, the bustling capital of India, is not only a hub of politics and culture but also a hotbed for activism and social change. Numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the city are dedicated to addressing the myriad challenges faced by women. This article explores the commendable work undertaken by these NGOs in empowering women and fostering positive change in Delhi.

1. Delhi Commission for Women (DCW)

One of the primary institutions at the forefront of women empowerment in Delhi is the Delhi Commission for Women. Established to safeguard the rights of women, the DCW actively engages in addressing issues such as domestic violence, harassment, and discrimination. Through legal aid, counseling, and awareness programs, DCW plays a pivotal role in providing support and advocacy for women in the city.

2. Sakha Consulting Wings

Sakha Consulting Wings is a unique NGO in Delhi that focuses on women’s economic empowerment through its Women on Wheels program. By training and employing women as professional chauffeurs, Sakha not only breaks gender stereotypes but also provides a sustainable livelihood for women, ensuring financial independence and security.

3. Butterflies

For marginalized and street-connected girls in Delhi, Butterflies is a beacon of hope. This NGO works tirelessly to uplift and empower these girls through education, skill development, and psychosocial support. By addressing the root causes of vulnerability, Butterflies contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty and exploitation.

4. Nanhi Kali

Education is a key factor in empowering women, and Nanhi Kali focuses on providing quality education to underprivileged girls in Delhi. This NGO supports the education of the girl child by providing academic resources, mentorship, and scholarships, aiming to create a generation of educated and empowered women.

5. ActionAid India

ActionAid India, with a strong presence in Delhi, focuses on women’s rights and social justice. Through community mobilization and advocacy, this NGO works towards eliminating violence against women, ensuring equal opportunities, and amplifying the voices of marginalized women in the city.

6. Shakti Shalini

Addressing the grave issue of domestic violence, Shakti Shalini stands as a beacon for survivors. This NGO in Delhi provides shelter, counseling, and legal support to women facing domestic abuse. Shakti Shalini is actively involved in raising awareness about domestic violence and fostering a supportive community.