Our shelter homes

Sofia is running 15 shelters in Cluster 7 of Delhi under Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement  Board (DUSIB) where we are providing following services to more than 13000 beneficiaries in a month. We conduct rescue operation in winters to rescue homeless people and provide them facilities such as shelter, food, toilets facilities to fulfill their basic needs .

Night Shelter

It is a known fact that Delhi has a huge influx of migrants who come to the capital city in search of better livelihood opportunities. Keeping this in view, Delhi government started shelters for the homeless migrants and others in need of shelter. Along with that, women’s safety is another issue in a city like Delhi which is infamous for assaults on women. Shelters provide a sense of safety to women residing in them. It also protects them from the extreme weather of the city. Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) provided shelters projects to around 25 non-profit organizations; Sofia Educational and Welfare Society is most prominent among them. Sofia Education &  Welfare  Society  is  running  night  shelters  for  poor  and needy persons who don’t have a shelter to spend the 

night shelter

night. Sofia runs 15 Night Shelters (with their code) at Tilak Nagar-175, 222, 092, 248, Raja Garden- 137, 08, 119, Britannia Chowk- 223, 226, Khyala HMP- 48, Cement Godaam- 109, Madhipur- 144, Raghuveer Nagar- 180, Seelampur- 70, North East Delhi where more than 1000 beneficiaries are facilitated every day and more than 1,50,000 annually.

Sofia Educational and Welfare Society runs 1 Tent Night Shelter every year in winter from December to March for 4 months. Sofia also operates a rescue van from 10 pm to 4 am at night to mobilize counsel and convince the homeless people to check in the shelters where they can spend the night. Last year, there were no reported cases of winter death of homeless in North East District of Delhi just because of rescue van of Sofia Education & Welfare Society. The Deputy Commissioner of North East District also praised the hard-work and contribution of Sofia Education & Welfare to the project.

Sofia also provides counselling sessions to the homeless people to guide them to the dignified way of life. They are provided with basic necessities like food and water along with blankets. Sofia organizes many events and activities like celebration of New year, Independence Day, Republic Day, Holi, Diwali, Eid and World Environment Day etc. with the homeless and invites higher government authorities like Deputy commissioner, SDM, ACP, Local MLA, DLSA Judges, and departmental higher authorities to celebrate such festival with the homeless. It encourages them to start their life with dignity and pride.

Apart from this, we provided cooked meal to more than 63 thousand migrants and people who are living nearby slum areas of shelter homes during nationwide lockdown due to outbreak of Covid 19 through these shelter homes with following guidelines of DUSIB.