Skill Development

Sofia is running 8 vocational training centre where we train more than 4000 boys & girls in following courses every year

Our Professional Courses


Stitching & Tailoring

Fashion Designing

Apparel Manufacturing Course


Urdu & Arabic

Beauty Culture & Mehendi

Professional Cooking


AC, Refrigerator Repairing Course

Sewing Machine Operator

Promotion of Urdu, Arabic Language and Calligraphy

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Sofia Education & Welfare Society has been promoting and operating an Urdu, Arabic Language centre for 7 years with the support of National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL), Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. The aim of this program is to give exposure to graphic designing, applied art and calligraphy, in Urdu and Arabic language. In last 9 years, more than 4200 beneficiaries have been awarded certificates. Sofia got the permission to put up a stall of calligraphy in Hunar Haat. Since calligraphy is an international art, the camp was widely appreciated by the audience and was quite a success. We managed to generate good sale there. Various activities are conducted throughout the year in calligraphy and graphic design. Sofia is running an authorized study centre of Urdu since last year, and Arabic and calligraphic design since past three years.

Vocational and Financial Empowerment of Women

The key of empowerment of any society lies in the empowerment of its women. Girls lack access to financial capital and have limited opportunities to gain education, knowledge and skills that can lead to economic advancement. Inadequate policy frameworks and inequitable gender norms also create barriers to girls’ economic advancement. The factors that contribute to adolescent girls’ economic empowerment must have three main approaches – financial employment, life-skills and social support strategies. Vocational Empowerment triggers the capabilities of a woman to exercise control over her own life, to decision making which is essential to promote their well-being and socio-economic development process. An empowered woman is capable of making her own choices and plays a role of a change agent.
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Vocational skills develop and nourish their knowledge and leadership ability. An empowered woman plays a transformative role, reduces unemployment and becomes an economically contributing member. Vocational and financial empowerment develops technical capabilities, entrepreneurship and business skills. The factors that indicate economically empowered women are financial independence, employment and life skills and social support strategies. Women’s economic empowerment does not only depend on creation of employment, but also on protective policy environments and community-based support for their entry into any business. Sofia Educational & Welfare Society has been working in the field of education, health, hygiene, advocacy, women empowerment, and providing vocational training like cutting and tailoring, dress designing, beauty culture and computer training to girls and women especially in the minority area and to weaker section of the society. Sofia works with an aim to make them self-reliant, self-confident and giving them placement. We have been able to train more than a thousand female candidates under various vocational training programs in the last 14 years. With a focus on connecting with livelihood, we have been able to place more than 70-75 percent in different companies and some of them are running their own business.

Sofia Educational & Welfare Society has been running various programs with the support of different agencies to provide vocational training and financial empowerment to women. These programs are as such:
  • Study Centre of National Institute of Open Schooling, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India- under this centre Sofia Educational & Welfare Society provides an authorized certificate (by NIOS, MHRD) after conducting an examination of every beneficiary which helps them to get employment in private or government sector.
  • Vocational Training Program (VTP) registered under DGE&T, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.
  • Urdu and Arabic Language and Calligraphy Centre since 8 years with support of National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL), Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India and has trained more than 4200 beneficiaries till date.
  • Sofia Education & Welfare Society is also training partner (TP) with Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY) and providing skill development training to the youth of society.

Vocational Training Centre

Apart from giving training, we also placed these trainees in respective fields. Till now, our success rate is 73%.

Vocational Center Glimpses

Job Placement & Rehabilitation

Job placements are the ultimate end of the process of bringing young people into the mainstream. The organization makes sure to extend its support and mentoring by continuing to maintain contact with these young adults and ensuring that they find stability, and then growth, in their work. Along with providing vocational training, Sofia Educational & Welfare Society also provides employment to the passionate, hard-working and needy students. During the year 2020-21, more than 2200 trainees got jobs in organization like Harshit Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd; Indian Institute of Technical Education, Parivartan Eduskills Pvt. Ltd.; AK Info, Big Bazar, Citi Info Service, Noida etc. Sofia Educational and Welfare Society have also linked its trainees with self-employment in stitching work by connecting them with private wholesale vendors of Gandhi Nagar, Delhi. Besides these Sofia also provides open schools because it believes that Education is necessary to become economically independent and to become empowered. Education gives a woman freedom of thought. It broadens her outlook and makes her aware of her rights.